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Psychological impact of Covid-19: Dealing with Emerging Challenges during this time and beyond.

The psychological reactions to COVID19 pandemic may vary from a panic behavior to pervasive feelings of hopelessness and desperation which are associated with negative outcomes including suicidal behavior, discrimination and stigmatisation. The psychological impacts for these populations can include anxiety and feeling stressed or angry. People working from home are exposed to specific psychosocial risks, such as isolation, blurred boundaries between work and family, increased risk of domestic violence, among others. These and other psychosocial risks may arise or increase as a result of the Covid-19- crisis.

The distress of loosing the job, pay cuts, lay-offs and reduced benefits make many workers have unanswered question about their future. Job insecurity, economic loss and unemployment can have a severe impact on mental health. If all this not appropriately assessed and managed, psychosocial risks may increase stress levels and lead to physical and mental health problems. Psychological responses may include low mood, low motivation, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, burnout and suicidal thoughts when people are hit with this reality situation

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Sr Margaret

Sr. Margaret belongs to the Daughters of the Sacred Heart (DSH).

She is a co-founder of the Leaders Guild Alumni Association on December 8th 2013 and is currently serving as the Program Coordinator.

She has eight years’ experience of working as a Parish Pastoral Coordinator, six years as the vocations directress, six years as a local superior, and three years as a formator in her congregation DSH.

She holds a Diploma in Catechetics and Pastoral Ministry from the Institute of Catechetics and Pastoral Ministry at Chemi Chemi ya Uzima Nairobi Kenya. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on Leadership and Management from DePaul University, SNL Chicago USA in which she received the Student Excellence Award. Has a Master of Arts in Social Ministry from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), and has trained as a Certified Organizational Effectiveness Coach at Coach Development Institute of Africa (CDI).