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The Leaders Guild (TLG) develops competent and holistic servant leaders and managers, including Catholic Religious Sisters, who lead self, others, and organizations with integrity.

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The Leaders Guild (TLG) is a leadership development programme under Center for Leadership and Management -Tangaza University College

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We offer services and programmes for members and non-members. TLG seeks to be the “go to place” for leadership development within Kenya and beyond.

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Theme: Youth Serving Initiatives in Collaboration towards Ethical Leadership Ethical Leadership, Relationships, Trust, Success isn’t something that just [...]

Youth Leaders: Driving Ethical Values to Reshape Nations

The youth of today are the leaders tomorrow and need to be equipped with good [...]

Ethical Transformational Leadership

Empowering ethical leaders who contribute greatly to the positive development of young people and their [...]

Coaching for Developing Resilience to Lead During Crises

Coaching as a route to resilience and wellbeing and accepting the new reality trying to [...]

Prophetic Role of Religious Sisters in Leadership Amidst Multiple Challenges Posed by Covid-19

The Religious Sisters Webinar organized by The Leaders Guild (TLG) in partnership with Association of [...]

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